Who we are

Brincadeira was born in 1942, and it was formed only by women until 1948. In the 80’s it started to use its actual name and it has continued its path with a new approach to the folklore.
The group is composed by a troupe of 30 people, divided up among a group of dancers, a group of bagpipers and a group of tambourine players.
The main aims of Brincadeira are the conservation of the traditional Galician folklore, that was transmitted orally from one generation to the next one, and the place of performance that is, the own Galician geography… Definitively, through the fieldwork, our group tries to recuperate the folklore manifestation within the music, dancing and costume fields. We follow the evidence of the aged people, the last receivers of the oral tradition, as well as the drawings, engravings, old pictures and any references found in old texts for our costumes.
Once analysed, all collected material is the subject matter used to build up the repertoire of the group. Brincadeira tries to reproduce accurately the dancing pieces and the musical compositions ( oral and instrumental ) to show its variety depending on the area and also the richness of our folklore. The same occurs with the costumes that are made following antique patterns and models, and using the woven material of that age ( wool, linen, brocades, satin, velvet, silk, etc ) taking into account the varieties of each region.
Since the beginning, Brincadeira takes part in demonstrations, homages, parties, festivities, shows, conferences and national and international festivals (Egypt, France, Morocco, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Algeria, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico…). That is to say, in any manifestation that will allow us popularize our traditions and culture and at the same time, we will get to know other people.
Brincadeira has got a Traditional Dancing and Music School since 1990. Dancing, bagpipe, percussion, accordion, tambourine and singing are taught to people of all ages. We also spread our traditional culture through workshops open to the public with the aim of awakening curiosity and interest to our traditions.
Attending to a Brincadeira show nowadays is seeing a historical-cultural alive document. It is the representation of the Galician dances of long ago guided by the same sounds of that time. Those sounds are fruit of the recuperation of a more and more sparse oral tradition that nowadays you can only enjoy through folkloric groups like Brincadeira who accurately shows that traditional culture and fashion of the time using rich reliable costumes with a high value not only testimonial by the reproduction of old patterns, but also economical with the richness and authenticity of the materials employed.